• about Mailspike.org

  • Mailspike.org is a free IP Blocklist lookup service by MailSpike, the makers of Anubisnetworks Email Security Services.

    Mailspike.org is a notorious IP Blocklist, used worldwide. This website describes the reputation data and allows you to lookup and ask for delisting on IPs. This service is very useful for identifying and blocking known spammers.
    All IP addresses listed on our services are continuously monitored and re-calculated for Reputation and Zero-hour data (see below).
    IPs with bad reputation are related to infected systems and/or to rogue spam servers. If your IP has bad reputation please consider cleaning your system for Spambots / malware before asking for a delisting.

    The mailspike services consist of two complementary data sets:

    1. Reputation Data
    The reputation data is compiled on top of specific characteristics and over-time behavior of IP addresses seen sending direct-to-MX email. The reputation data compiles a score which will dictate the likelihood of an IP address being used to send spam. The computed score is then split into several categories as seen below:


    Reputation Data

    2. Zero-Hour Data
    Also known as ZBI, this data set lists IP addresses seen participating in a distributed spam wave. It does not take into consideration over-time IP behavior. Instead, it tries to detect viral behavior shared by one or more clusters of IP addresses.