• ip listings

  • This tool will allow you to check the current reputation of a given IP address, against mailspike IP Reputation, mailspike Blacklist, Spamhaus, and SpamCop reputation services.

    If your IP address is present at Mailspike lists, typical causes can be any of the following:

    1) Compromised Email accounts being used to send spam/malware/phishing

    2) Compromised PCs/servers under the control of criminal organizations capable of sending spam/malware/phishing

    You can submit a delist request. Delist requests are automatic and honored within one hour after the initial submission.


    Please note that if the behavior that caused the listing persists, it is very likely that the IP address will eventually get listed again. For that reason, it is important to make sure that the root cause was properly identified and the problem fixed before attempting a delist request.


    If you wish to contact Mailspike, please click here. Mailspike.org is a free, community oriented IP reputation list. Being a free service, our resources are very limited. If the issue requires further discussion, we will reply.